Message From the Principal


We believe in educational system that inculcates the attitude to help the students see beautiful and brighter  parts of all worldly existence because nothing can change the individual except his/her own attitude. Citizen College  produces high quality professionals with high morale and positive attitude who will lead the nation and world in progressive way by not only formulating innovative policies and programs but implementing them for the betterment of all. The college is newly managed by the young and energetic educational professionals oriented towards advance university level; education with students and faculties from the diversified strata.

We aim to train everyone to boost up individual competence and ensure that everyone would be fit for future. Moreover Citizen College aims to cater international standard education. The college strives for providing an encouraging and stimulating learning environment which improves required skills and abilities in its students to make them fit globally. Our educational programs are oriented to provide high quality lecture and training for generating outstanding citizens with superior intelligence, high ethical values and moral codes, and give something of value back to the society.

Hari Krishna Aryal

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