Message from the Management Team

Citizen College is moving forward for establishing academic partnership between community service and multidisciplinary education and research. The visitors will be delighted by the sight of our highly academic and professional environment where the students are well-groomed to fashion their career in tomorrow’s business and corporate world.

The truly unique feature of our students is how they benefit not only from the care and attention they receive from our faculty members but also from other extended learning activities organized by various students’ clubs. Each of our students will involve in those club activities and work for organizing programs on the areas like leadership and entrepreneurship, sports, skill developing training, projects, field-works, presentations, and workshops on reading, writing and communicating.

As a student, you will be part of Citizen College, a truly business school, from day one, participating in enriched extended learning and problem-solving activities for real-business scenario. You will be enjoying to work as an intern with the leading corporate houses of the country, which will prove to be corner stone in your professional career. You will learn to keep pace with the global direction of our economy and understand the importance of international knowledge and experience to be a future business leader.

The experience and knowledge you gain at Citizen will have tremendous impact not only on your personal growth, but also on your professional future. We are fully confident that a degree from Citizen will prepare you with knowledge, skills and experience that will prompt you to navigate a challenging and rewarding career.

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