Grading, attendance and course repetition

Grading System

Pokhara University follows grading system to evaluate students’ performance. The grading system is a standard system that is followed by many advanced countries. The grade awarded to you is based on your consolidated in-campus performance during the semester and the performance in the final university examination in that course.

The pattern of grade is as follows:


Only in very rare and unusual circumstances, if a student cannot finish all the required works for the course, he/she may be awarded an incomplete grade of ‘I’. If all the required works are not completed within the following semester, the grade of ‘I’ will be automatically converted into “F”.

Credit System

Each course is assigned a certain number of credits depending on its lecture, tutorial and practical hours in a week. In theory courses, one lecture hour along with one tutorial per week is assigned one credit.

Minimum CGPA required at the completion of BBA is given below:


Other information


The students are required to attend all the lectures, practical classes, project works, study visits, seminars and presentations of all courses. However, to accommodate for late registration, sickness and other contingencies, attendance requirement has been fixed at a minimum of 80% of the classes actually held. If the student is absent from the College for more than four weeks without permission of the college authority, his/her name will be removed from the attendance record sheet.

Normal and Maximum Duration of Study

The normal duration and maximum duration for the completion of the requirements for the program is as follows:

–        Normal duration: 4 years, 8 semester

–        Maximum duration: 6 years, 12 semester

Repeating a Course

A course may be taken only once for a grade, except when a student receives a ‘D’ or ‘F’ grade. A student who fails in any course must retake the exam until she passes it. She must fulfill all the college criteria before you take (or retake) the university exam.

Retaking a course in which the student has earned a ‘D’ grade is optional. A student may be allowed to retake a course to achieve a minimum CGPA of 2.0. However, a student cannot retake a particular course more than two times. The grade earned on the retake will be substituted for the grade earned first time the course was taken. In no circumstances, a student can repeat a course more than twice.


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